27 oct. 2015

Metrón Musik Mixtape - 005 - El Búho by Métron Musik

One of the catalysts for this whole project has been the work of El Búho. I was already familiar with his production and remix work (for the uninitiated check out his mesmerising remix of Chancha Via Circuito - Sueno en Paraguay) when I stumbled across his ‘’Roots & Rhythms’’ podcasts. I was blown away. He was compiling, on such a regular basis, a vast range of beautiful music and sharing it with the world. I hoped that I could too help share the music that I love and support these amazing artists. Unsurprisingly El Búho was one of the first people I contacted about contributing to the series, so it is with great pleasure that I am now able to present to you his Métron Musik Mixtape. It’s as smooth and peaceful a journey as it is a beautiful and triumphant rural adventure across many sonic worlds, finding it’s final peak at the very last moments with an outstanding unreleased track of his own. Inspired by the mystical notion of musical nirvana, it’s a vivid depiction of a small part of the sonic universe, but one that feels very much at one with his impressive output to date. Be sure to check out his soundcloud page for more productions and the awesome ‘Rhythm & Roots’ podcasts. Keep your eyes peeled for a new EP out in November via Wonderwheel. http://ift.tt/1xPPg5A Tracklist coming soon. Check out the full project at the link below, or click the Métron button on the player.